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our amazing hotels in the heart of Benalmádena Costa (Malaga), and our popular Beach Club, are just the beginning of this wonderful adventure.


Give a new approach to your holiday and come to Holiday World, a leisure concept totally different from everything you have known so far. Four amazing hotels in the heart of Benalmádena Costa (Malaga), and our popular Beach Club, are just the beginning of this wonderful adventure.

Hallucinates with decoration of hotels, eat as anywhere in their restaurants, grant them your children the pleasure of attending our Summer Campus, please hand shape HW Sports or simply celebrate your special day in a unique setting.

Holiday World is, above all, a world of possibilities.

HOLIDAY POLYNESIA HOTEL Holiday Polynesia**** your All-Inclusive hotel in Benalmadena (Costa del Sol). Our hotel boasts an excellent location and a great atmosphere that recreates the Polynesian islands of Bora Bora, Samoa and Easter.  MORE INFO











A four-star “All Inclusive” hotel with themed DINOWORLD rooms that are loved by children. Making sure you have fun on your holiday, long weekend or break is a goal that we have already achieved and for which we continue to strive day after day. As such, we offer you the most spectacular range of leisure options available on the Costa del Sol. MORE INFO












A hotel that will blow you away with its strong, wooden supports that makes this architectural work appear as though it is suspended mid-air.  A large, glass hall - which is like a fully inverted glass pyramid - will welcome you to Holiday Village. This hotel is divided into two clearly different areas: “Paradise”, which is a quiet zone with a large, indoor garden, and “Oasis”, which is the commercial and leisure area where you will find the Cinema Room, supermarket, spa, etc. The “Oasis” commercial and leisure area has a cinema room, supermarket, spa, kids area, video games room, internet room, WiFi zone and outdoor garden areas which have lake pools. We should also mention our popular water park, Beach Club. What more could you want?  MORE INFO











This charming hotel was constructed with the aim of stimulating the five senses through its careful attention to detail. This four-star establishment has a variety of unique elements that project the different character of Holiday Hydros. It is a unique hotel where you can enjoy some unbeatable sunsets. Holiday Hydros is a boutique spa & wellness hotel in Benalmadena. It is a small hotel establishment with special architectural characteristics and a unique atmosphere. As it is personalised both in its design and service, its unique character, excellent attention to detail and the art of creating feelings of pleasure and privacy are the very essence of this hotel.  MORE INFO







If the beach is not your thing, don't worry.  Holiday world has you covered.  Here are many other activities you can do:






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