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Welcome to Sercotel Hotels, where the people come first!


Sercotel Hotels puts an emphasis on personal treatment when it comes to the client and collaborators. These are hotels by and for people. Our culture of hospitality and completely personalised service inspire us to maintain the warmest and friendliest hotels, because to us the people always come first.  At present, we have 176 hotels and aparthotels located in 122 destinations throughout Spain, Andorra, Portugal, Italy, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador and Panama. In total we manage 17.500 rooms. We are passionate about our profession and the sector in which we operate, going back over 20 years of history, we have become one of the most important urban hotel chains, with unique locations, where all of the hotels are renowned for their optimal quality, increasing support and commitment to the cultural and geographical environment. Our most important mark of identity is our diversity, which is based on the uniqueness and personality of our hotels. Nationally, we are in the second place in number of establishments, with 147 hotels in Spain. We have 24 hotels in Latin America, where we plan to continue growing up through the development of our two delegations, one in Bogota (Colombia) and another in Havana (Cuba).

Sercotel Hotels was founded in 1994 by three professionals known in the sector, high-level directors with experience at different hotel changes and currently founding members and executives of the company, Marisol Turró (President), Javier Garro (Associate General Manager) and Benjamin Sanz  (General Sales Manager). In the year 2005, with the purpose of providing greater financial stability, the Landon Corporate Group entered into the picture. Ever since the beginning, we have financed the project by providing a cautious selection of independent hotels and hotel chains with commercial and marketing advantages without removing autonomy from the management equation. Starting in 2005, a new line was launched, dedicated to the development and direct management of hotel establishments, which is currently in a process of expansion.

Our slogan: “People Come First”: Offering our employees the opportunity for personal and professional development, which has been a key to our success. From our first days of operation we have made the effort to have our hotels be the warmest and friendliest, providing a completely personalised service to the clients. Our hospitality, of Mediterranean character, inspires our service, personal and otherwise, a mark of our chain’s identity.

Uniqueness and our own identity: Our hotels empower a support and commitment within its cultural and geographic environment. Every hotel, instead of being a replica of another member of the chain, creates its own idiosyncrasies, making its host city’s culture a part of its services and installations.

Elevated service standards: At Sercotel, we have a stand-out number of establishments, both new and renovated, which have received “Q” certification for quality, granted by the Spanish Tourism Quality board, which is granted only to those who fulfil certain standards set by the Service Quality Regulations. Also, the marked identity of the establishments allows for them to be catalogued based on their individual characteristics: Deluxe Collection: prestigious and exclusive establishments; First Class Collection: very well located and with a high level of construction and installations; &Comfort Collection, adequate and comfortable installations at excellent price for quality.

Models for collaboration and commercialisation: At Sercotel Hotels we offer different collaboration models: management and development of hotels where all management of various areas of hotel operations are undertaken; and a model of commercialization of hotels in which different types of services are offered relating to commercial activities, which guarantee an effective and permanent presence of the hotels within the market.

Technological and commercial leadership: We have invested in technological leadership since the beginning, and this has been based on a multi-level strategy. A continuous investment in technology allows us to offer solutions and distribution channels that guarantee security and efficacy for our clients. Ever since the beginning, we have relied on a GDS (Global Distribution System) department in order to go global with our offer. Also, we make use of an innovative commercialisation system through the corporate site, the reservations engine, web design and the website of the hotel itself. We work with different commercialisation channels such as MICE, Corporate, Sport Teams, OTA’s, Operation Tour, Large Groups and Collectives. At Sercotel Hotels we also offer integrated marketing services that combine different tools and activities such as on-line and off-line marketing as well as a department for communications, press and sponsors.

Internationalisation strategy: After the opening of the delegation of Sercotel in Bogota last year 2014, as international project in Latin America, we have continued growing up and expanding. During 2015 we have consolidated the strategy of international development in Latin America, adding 18 hotels in Colombia and creating a second branch office in La Habana, Cuba. Through these delegations we plan to open the market to other countries in the region, in particular, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Panama.

Responsibility and Commitment: We act with working integrity and honesty and also commit socially to the community. Likewise, we have actively and voluntarily contributed towards social improvement, collaborating with different associations that work towards defending human rights, as is the case with Unicef and other NGOs.

Personalised and group works: we aim our activities in a joint manner at the achievement of objectives, bringing about personal relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Efficiency: we seek the shortest path of arrival at a goal in order to make things happen in the optimal, quick and correct manner.

Dynamism: we act with vigour, quickness and flexibility in order to adapt our needs to those of the clients and maintain an open door to new possibilities, to the things that work and to what sets us apart in a revolutionary world.

Welcome to Sercotel Hotels, where the people come first.


Deluxe Collection: Prestige Hotels with splendid architecture, excellent, prestigious. Exclusive establishments with elegant furniture and interior design that enfolds the guest in an exclusive high level atmosphere. Where every detail has its meaning. The unique selection of hotels where comfort and quality combine perfectly.  SEE HOTELS
First Class Collection: Quality Centric hotels with warm atmosphere, complete facilities and services, as well as a modern or classic decor with their own personality. Hotels with high quality decoration and variety of services that have complete new or recently renovated facilities.  Hotels that stand out for their warmth, charm and perfect location. SEE HOTELS

Comfort Collection: Comfortable hotels, designed in order to offer guests everything they need at a very reasonable price.  Hotels with functional and high quality decoration, still providing friendly and efficient service. Functional and comfortable. You’ll find hotels with modern and functional design, for any taste. SEE HOTELS










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