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British Airways
Embraces modular solutions and AI technology

British Airways has selected Amadeus as its technology partner and Amadeus Nevio, a new portfolio of modular solutions built on open and AI technology, to deliver the airline’s Offer and Order strategic goals.

The partnership will see British Airways and Amadeus collaborate on the design of Nevio’s Offer and Order capabilities, designed to meet the needs of modern airline retailers. Nevio’s Offer suite will facilitate more dynamic products and bundles, whilst Dynamic Offer Pricing is being rolled out to enable real-time contextual pricing options based on marketplace dynamics. A suite of Digital Experience tools will underpin a user-friendly booking experience and streamline servicing, including disruption, on any device or channel.

Working together these will produce highly relevant, personalised customer offers, and deliver a best-in-class retailing and servicing experience for customers.

Built around IATA Offer and Order principles, this totally new, open, modular platform benefits from the latest advances in AI and will help the carrier build demand, differentiate itself in the market and drive value across its entire business at speed.

Amadeus’ partnership with British Airways showcases a commitment to support an ambition on the part of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to create a wholly Offer and Order based retailing environment by 2030. The open platform technology being developed by Amadeus enables the airline to be innovative in its approach to retailing and revenue opportunities and is designed to grow with the airline’s business ambitions.

Apr 17, 2024

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