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A new route to Liverpool will go on sale on 11 June following the launch of new services to Bristol, Amsterdam, Basel and Nice in recent months

easyJet has announced continued expansion of its flying programme to and from Malta with the introduction of a new route to Liverpool which will take off for the first time this winter. The airline continues to grow its presence in Malta with a 30% year on year increase to its overall flying programme this summer.

The new route to Liverpool will operate on Tuesdays and Saturdays all year round and will go on sale on 11 June, with first flights set to take off on 10th December 2024. It is the fifth new route the airline has introduced to and from Malta in the last 12 months.

Over the course of the year, easyJet has also launched new routes from Malta to Bristol, Amsterdam, Basel and Nice and will now operate 10 routes across Europe.

Since easyJet started flying to Malta in March 2008, the airline has flown over four million customers and is now flying more than 400,000 customers every year.

easyJet and SR Technics are also formally finalising the airline’s acquisition of the  maintenance facility in Malta today in a signing ceremony, which took place with Prime Minister Dr Robert Abela in attendance.

easyJet will now undertake heavy maintenance on its fleet of more than 330 aircraft  at the facility in Malta and will welcome the workforce of more than 400 currently based at the facility. The six-bay aircraft maintenance facility has undertaken heavy maintenance for the easyJet fleet of aircraft for several years.

To find out more about easyJet’s Malta network and to book visit easyJet.com.

Jun 04, 2024

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