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One of the most complete spas of the area

Blossom Spa Costa Mujeres is definitely a jewel and a perfect option for those guests looking for a sanctuary; without doubt it´s one of the most complete spas of the area.

Blossom Spa Costa Mujeres USPs:

• Beautiful décor • Spacious rooms offering an extensive list of massages treatments • Hydrotherapy area: with 8 different showers, from ice cold to tropical, Swedish, and flavored showers • Sauna, Turkish baths, and a huge Jacuzzi with warm and cold areas, including salt water bath • The Beauty parlor: offering hair dressing, manicure, pedicure and facial treatments


Spa Highlight - Massages

The Balance
Harmonize your energy, liberate stress and fatigue with soft therapy, by using modulating pressure and hand manipulations of a Swedish massage technique (orchid, lotus oil).


Liberate yourself from chronic tension with intense pressure therapy, focused on reaching the deeper layers of body tissue to achieve integration (decontracting oils).


Live a unique detoxifying experience with thermal aromatherapy by applying neurosedatives and lymphatic draining over the body to decrease liquid retention.


The Secret
Restore and regenerate your motor system with a combination of kinesiotherapy, therapeutic massage, and thermo therapy (cannabis oil and arnica).


The Leader
Empower your body with a mixture of effects using energetic and therapeutic volcanic and obsidian stones.


Open your mind, feel the spirit, take one step further submerge into the oriental dance of shiatsu and Thai massage.


Reduction and firming body massage with the use of warm herb compresses and manipulations of bamboo sticks.


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Jul 20, 2021

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