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ABTA’s message to travellers about airport hand luggage rules and security checks

The Travel Association is encouraging holidaymakers and business travellers to prepare for their upcoming travels by following the existing rules for airport security and hand luggage.

The advice comes after the Government extended the deadline for some airports to implement the next-generation scanners – which would end the 100ml liquid rule for hand luggage and allow electronic devices to remain in luggage when going through the security process. The original deadline was 1 June 2024, but many UK airports said they would not be fully ready by then.

Given the lack of consistency across UK airports, ABTA says preparing for your travels with the existing rules in mind would avoid any inconvenience and unnecessary delays when going through security, as customer would be ready for both eventualities; whether the old or new rules are in place.

It also says travellers could plan ahead by checking in advance the rules for the airport terminal they are flying from – and keep a close eye out for instructions at the airport.

Travellers should also check the rules for their return airport. Even if a UK airport does have the new scanners in full operation, the traveller’s destination airport might not, meaning they will be subject to the 100ml liquid rules when taking their return flight.

To help travellers prepare for their trips, ABTA has launched a new advice page on airport security and the new scanners – abta.com/airportsecurity.

Apr 13, 2024

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