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Trip.com Group
App promises immersive exploration of popular destinations worldwide

Trip.com Group, a leading global travel provider, has launched its innovative Trip.Vision app, designed to leverage the advanced capabilities of Apple's latest mixed-reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro.

One of the apps developed exclusively for the Apple Vision Pro, Trip.Vision promises a ground-breaking approach to travel exploration, offering users a unique and immersive experience of popular destinations worldwide.


Trip.Vision – Bringing the world to you

Inspired by the idea of providing unique travel experiences even before the first suitcase is packed, Trip.Vision invites users to virtually explore renowned destinations such as Mount Everest, Guilin, Maldives, Antarctica, and the Sahara Desert through high-quality and realistic panoramas.

Upon donning the Apple Vision Pro headset and entering the app, users can immerse themselves in the beauty of global landscapes through 360-degree panoramic videos. Detailed attraction information and engaging voiceovers contribute to a powerful and educational mixed reality experience, bringing the world's top travel destinations right into your living room.

Utilising the wide landscape settings and robust spatial computing of the Apple Vision Pro, Trip.Vision users are in for a treat with crystal-clear, high-definition scenes surpassing the resolution of a 4K TV. With the panoramas expanding and wrapping around the user, this creates a sensation that they are standing right at the travel destination they've chosen, providing a wanderlust-inducing preview of the world that awaits their exploration.

The Vision Pro interface, entirely responsive to the user's eyes, hands, and voice, also eliminates the need for additional controls. Moreover, the high-tech audio system is designed to envelop users, creating the sensation that sounds emanate from right within their physical space.

Aligning with Trip.com Group's mission to create the perfect trip for a better world, Trip.Vision elevates the travel experience from the very start by bringing the beauty of the world's favourite travel spots within arm's reach, fostering a zero-distance connection for users.


Continuing the tradition of travel innovation

Trip.com Group has been staying at the forefront of innovation in the travel technology sphere, as exemplified by the launch of the AI travel assistant TripGenie in 2023. This nifty AI assistant leverages large language model technologies to provide users with a more personal, intuitive, and hassle-free travel planning experience. Just by asking it a simple question within the Trip.com platform, TripGenie can help travellers plan travel itineraries and offer personalised recommendations in flight and hotel lists, all in a matter of seconds.

To add depth and richness to the travel planning experience, Trip.com also has curated lists that leverage AI technology to address users' diverse needs and preferences, providing real-time updates on travel trends, prices, and top-ranked hotels, flights, and attractions. Known as 'Trip.Trends', 'Trip.Best', and 'Trip.Deals' respectively, you can be inspired by the latest travel trends, as well as uncover the best deals and insider travel destinations – all based on your interests.

The Trip.Vision app is now available on the U.S. App Store for Apple Vision Pro.

Feb 08, 2024

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