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Lists highlight top hotels, attractions, restaurants, and nightlife for global travelers

Leading online travel service provider Trip.com has released its 2024 Trip.Best Global and Asia 100 lists, a collection of curated travel rankings based on real user reviews and year-round sales popularity. These Trip.Best lists enable global travellers to select the best experiences a destination has to offer, including hotels and attractions, as well as lifestyle choices such as restaurants and nightlife.


Top Hotels, Attractions, Nightlife, Restaurants and Destinations Make the List

The Global and Asia lists comprise different categories:

  • Hotels: 100 Luxury Hotels, 100 Family Hotels, 100 Cultural Hotels, 100 Scenic Hotels, 100 Villas, 100 Ski Hotels, 100 Instagrammable Hotels, 100 Hot Spring Hotels (Asia only)
  • Attractions: 100 Best Things to Do, 100 Family-friendly Attractions, 50 Hot Springs, 50 Ski Resorts
  • Nightlife: 100 Best Nightlife
  • Destinations: 100 Best Destinations
  • Restaurants (Asia only): 100 Fine Dining, 100 Local Restaurants, 100 Restaurants for Views & Experiences.


Paris took centre stage for the 2024 GLOBAL 100 Luxury Hotels list, with Hotel de Crillon, a Rosewood Hotel, taking the top spot. Le Bristol Paris - an Oetker Collection Hotel came in third while La Reserve Paris Hotel and Spa came in fifth. Raffles Singapore and Aman Tokyo came in second and fourth, respectively, to make up the top five luxury hotels globally.

In both lists, Asia offers a wealth of hotel recommendations for all types of travelers. Indonesia boasts luxury hotel Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape, as well as AYANA Villas Bali, one of the best villas in the region. Families will love child-friendly hotels such as Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast in Malaysia and Vinpearl Resort & Spa Nha Trang Bay in Vietnam. Travellers seeking cultural experiences can consider Sawasdee Village in Thailand, while those looking for a more scenic holiday can choose to stay at The Bellevue Resort in the Philippines known for its white beach views, or Karuizawa Prince Hotel West with some skiing in the mix.

With social media as a means of travel inspiration these days, some of the top Instagrammable hotels include Mai House Saigon Hotel in Vietnam and Good Nature Hotel Kyoto in Japan.

Asian attractions also took all top five spots on the 2024 GLOBAL 100 Best Things to Do list, with a strong showing from Universal Studios and Disneyland theme parks - Universal Beijing Resort, Shanghai Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland, Universal Studios Japan, Universal Studio Singapore and Universal Studios Hollywood. In addition to theme parks being a key attraction in these destinations, museums also made it into the top 10, specifically The Palace Museum Hong Kong, the Louvre Museum in Paris and The British Museum in London.

The 2024 GLOBAL 50 Hot Springs list features the best hot springs from around the world, including Iceland's Blue Lagoon, Japan's Arima Onsen and Yufuin Onsen, the Travertines of Pamukkale in Turkey, as well as Queenstown Angson Barrel Hot Spring in New Zealand.

Travellers seeking a night out have declared the Empire State Building as the quintessential spot to immerse in the dazzling lights of New York City after dark. Paris and London offer plenty of popular nightlife options, including the Bateaux Mouches Paris Seine river cruise, the Eiffel Tower, the London Eye and Tower Bridge, all of which were voted in the top 10 of the 2024 GLOBAL 100 Nightlife list. Dubai's Burj Khalife and The View at the Palm topped the 2024 ASIA 100 Nightlife list, with Xi'an's "The Song of Everlasting" show, the Xi'an City Wall and Tang Paradise capping off the top five.

The spotlight is on Singapore when it comes to Asia's best restaurants, with its entries taking first place across all three categories. Three-Michelin-star Odette leads the ASIA 100 Fine Dining list, along with Palm Beach Seafood as the number one local restaurant and Spago Dining Room by Wolfgang Puck as the best restaurant for views and experiences. The lists are presented by Trip.Gourmet, which aims to showcase the best dining options and local food culture globally for travellers and food lovers.

The 2024 Trip.Best Global and Asia 100 lists are curated by examining various travel products on Trip.com and scoring them based on an algorithm. The rankings are based on real user reviews, year-round sales popularity, continuous quality assurance, and distinctive themes, covering worldwide and Asian hotels, attractions, night tours, food, and destinations. Trip.com selects hundreds of millions of data points and verifies word-of-mouth from people around the world, aiming to create fair, comprehensive, professional, and trustworthy travel rankings to solve users' travel choice problems.

The full lists of rankings are available here.


Promoting Tourism with AI

The 2024 Trip.Best Global and Asia 100 lists highlight the best in various travel categories, which builds upon the AI-powered "Trip.Best" list on the app. "Trip.Best" is one example of the Group's innovative use of AI, alongside other lists such as "Trip.Trends" and "Trip.Deals."

  • Trip.Best showcases top global destinations.
  • Trip.Trends reveals the latest travel trends based on user searches across Trip.com, search engines, and social media.
  • Trip.Deals brings the best promotions to travellers.


The lists were unveiled at the 2024 Hunan International Cultural Tourism Festival Gala Dinner and Trip.Best Global Award Ceremony in Zhangjiajie on May 31. The event, attended by over 900 guests, including industry partners and tourism bureaus from more than 50 countries, celebrated the launch of the Trip.Best Global and Asia 100 lists, as well as the 2024 Trip.Trends 100 list.

Trip.Trends tracks the hottest travel topics and events, offering a glimpse into future trends. The 2024 Trip.Trends 100 list features newly opened hotels and attractions from 2023, giving travellers fresh and trendy options.

These curated lists are part of Trip.com's vibrant content marketing strategy, designed to drive consumer awareness and provide relevant information for securing the best offerings and deals. For instance, Trip.Best inspires travellers to book their favourite properties, boosting traffic and bookings for hotel partners. This initiative propels Trip.com's globalisation strategy, forging powerful alliances with global partners to deliver unparalleled, seamless travel experiences.

Jun 12, 2024

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