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Iberostar Cuba Hotels & Resorts
When you choose to stay at Iberostar Parque Central you are choosing, above all, a hotel full of history, art, and culture

Did you know…?

1. Cuba´s Prima Ballerina Assoluta Alicia Alonso gave the hotel full custody over a Spanish hand fan known as “pericón” (a large hand fan used in the world of theater and dance), which is exhibited in “El Portico” lobby bar in the colonial building.



2. On the exhibit in the lobby bar “Habanobar” in the modern building, there is a stained-glass piece of art made by world-famous, multi-awarded Cuban visual artist Flora Fong.



3. The grand piano in the “El Pórtico” lobby bar of the colonial building is not an ordinary one. It is a Steinway left in the hotel's custody, and its previous owner was none other than the great Cuban composer and pianist Jorge Luis Prats.



4. The Tiffany lamp statue in the lobby of the colonial building is a replica of a lamp previously owned by María Luisa Gómez Mena, Countess de Revilla de Camargo, in her palazzo on 17th Street, turned into the Cuban Museum of Decorative Arts.



5. According to legend, when the hotel's foundation was being set, a very famous babalawo (a shaman of the Yoruba religion) was brought on-site to perform a religious ceremony to ensure the success of the hotel. It is said the man brought a travelling trunk filled with religious artifacts and coins for every country in the world. After the rituals were finished, this trunk was placed in the foundation, and concrete was poured over it.  



This last story may be a myth or not, but the reality is that Iberostar Parque Central has turned out to be a much-admired hotel and has been chosen by clients from all over the world.

Important people such as British writer Ken Follet; US actors Ethan Hawke, Mat Dillon, and Danny Glover; Puerto Rican singers Gilberto Santa Rosa and Víctor Manuelle; North American singer Gloria Gaynor; and Spanish actor Imanol Arias have all chosen the hotel as the place in which to spend their nights in Havana. 

When you choose to stay at Iberostar Parque Central, you are choosing, above all, a hotel full of history, art, and culture in the heart of the historic center of Old Havana.


For information about rooms and other services in the hotel, please visit  ibercuba.com. For summer offers with a 40% discount, please contact your trusted tour operator. 

Iberostar Cuba Hotels & Resorts also has an exclusive Facebook Group for British Travel Agents where agents can request additional information.

Apr 29, 2024

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