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Iberostar Cuba Hotels & Resorts
Summer of 2024 will be super busy at all eighteen Iberostar Cuba hotels

Iberostar Cuba Hotels & Resorts is already preparing to receive their clients with diverse activities in both the city-based and beach-based hotels so that they can enjoy Eurocopa (European Football Championship), Copa America, and the 2024 Olympic Games.


Which activities await you this sporty summer at Iberostar Cuba hotels?

  • Sports Olympics
  • Soccer tournaments for children, teenagers, and adults
  • Makeup workshops: “Paint your face with the flag of your favourite country at Eurocopa and Copa America”
  • For the youngest in the family, sports-themed drawing contests, painting T-shirts with flags of different countries, and parades will be organized in all hotels to dress you up as your favourite soccer player
  • Beach soccer tournaments for children and teenagers
  • Cocktail making with typical cocktails of the different countries participating in Copa America and Eurocopa

And most important of all, all games will be broadcasted in a specific area of each hotel.


Summer deals?

Starting in April, Iberostar Cuba is announcing special deals for all eighteen hotels. You just need to choose a hotel to enjoy this sporty summer, and you are all set!

In Havana: 

  • Iberostar Parque Central: 40% off 
  • Iberostar Grand Packard: 35% off 

In Varadero:

  • Iberostar Selection Varadero: 25% off
  • Iberostar Origin Bella Vista Varadero: 45% off
  • Iberostar Origin Laguna Azul: 45% off
  • Iberostar Origin Playa Alameda: 45% off
  • Iberostar Origin Bella Costa: 30% off
  • Iberostar Origin Tainos: 35% off

In Trinidad:

  • Iberostar Grand Trinidad: 45% off

In Cayo Ensenachos (Cayo Santa María):

  • Iberostar Selection Ensenachos: 45% off
  • Iberostar Coral Ensenachos: 45% off

In Cayo Guillermo:

  • Iberostar Origin Playa Pilar: 40% off
  • Iberostar Origin Daiquiri: 30% off

In Cayo Cruz:

  • Iberostar Selection Esmeralda: 40% off
  • Iberostar Coral Esmeralda: 40% off

In Holguín:

  • Iberostar Selection Holguin: 40% off
  • Iberostar Coral Holguin: 35% off


Booking window: until October 30th. Travel period: From May 1st to October 31th.


All conditions are ready to book Iberostar Cuba hotels this summer. As an extra appeal, you can enjoy direct flights from Canada to the main airports on the island.

Clients who wish to book Iberostar Cuba hotels between the moths of July and August will be able to join others to enjoy soccer games, track and field competitions, judo, boxing… They will shout, clap their hands, cry and toast their favourite team or person when they win. The language barrier will not matter, they will understand each other through the shared passion for sports!


For more information about the offers you can contact your trusted tour operator. To learn more about facilities and accommodations, please visit ibercuba.com.

Iberostar Cuba Hotels & Resorts also has an exclusive Facebook Group for British Travel Agents where agents can request additional information.

Apr 16, 2024

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