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Spring Hotels
Spring Hotels helps to protect Tenerife’s natural world for years to come

Think of Tenerife and what comes to mind first: Beaches? Sunshine? Siam Park? Teide? Yes, Tenerife has all of those, but there’s also another, greener side to Tenerife that’s well worth exploring, especially for your more nature-loving clients.

So, what better time than now to coincide with world Forest Day on March 21st, to remind you that Tenerife is home to stunning Natural Parks and Biosphere reserves, such as Teno, Anaga and Las Lagunetas.

Spring Hotels doesn't just talk the talk, they walk the walk too. The company's commitment to preserving the natural environment is what motivated them to create their very own sustainability plan, Spring Ozone, helping to protect Tenerife’s natural world for years to come.

Tenerife and forests, wood you believe it!



Mar 12, 2024

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