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Spring Hotels
Take advantage of the worldwide popularity of the Tenerife Carnival to increase your sales!

Tenerife’s Carnival is a truly unique world event. It’s a week-long celebration that sees the streets of the capital, Santa Cruz, taken over by music, colour and costumes, creating an atmosphere that is vibrant, friendly and completely inimitable. And, whilst there are many other carnivals around the world, the truth is that none compare with what, for so many, is simply the best.

Last year, more than a hundred thousand tourists flew to Tenerife with their sights set on experiencing this massive event, and the attendance forecasts for the 2024 carnival are even better. This is why Spring Hotels would love you to take advantage of the huge appeal of this event to give your sales a real boost.

If you’d like to take advantage of the worldwide popularity of the Tenerife Carnival, go to springhotels.com to check availability.

Feb 07, 2024

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