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Caribbean Tourism Organization
"Our thoughts and prayers go out to our brothers and sisters across the Caribbean"

As the Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organization Council of Ministers & Commissioners of Tourism, I am confident that I speak for all of my Ministerial Colleagues in saying that our thoughts and prayers go out to our brothers and sisters across the Caribbean that are being impacted by the ravages of Hurricane Fiona.

I sincerely hope that you, your loved ones, and colleagues are safe and secure.

I recognise that the needs of your family, friends and communities are your top concern right now, and I want you to know that the CTO stands ready to assist in whatever ways we can, if and when you need us in the weeks to come.

As Islands in the Caribbean situated in the hurricane belt, we have all faced the impact of tropical storms and hurricanes and can relate to what you are going through. We know that  there will be many difficult months ahead for those for those who have been most affected.

But with our strong faith and commitment to one another’s well-being, we will get through this. As a region, we have strength in our collective support systems and those of us who are unaffected by Hurricane Fiona, stand ready to help our regional neighbors who are in need.

On a personal note, as Chairman, my heart is with you as we move from impact to recovery.

Sep 21, 2022

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