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Christmas in Germany

When a light blanket of snow covers the country, lights sparkle on Christmas trees and the air is filled with aromas of cloves and cinnamon, the festive season has arrived. Germany's many Christmas traditions create a very special atmosphere in December.

The air is filled with the enticing aroma of mulled wine and freshly baked biscuits. It is a great opportunity to explore charming stalls, each adorned with a unique selection of handmade crafts, traditional ornaments and delightful gifts.

From nearly 3000 Christmas markets in Germany, each one offers a unique experience that will leave you amazed and with lasting memories.


Christmas Markets

The Christmas markets that start opening late November are a highlight for young and old alike, inviting you to take an atmospheric stroll through the alleys with festively decorated stalls. If you feel hungry, you can snack on gingerbread, candy apples, Christmas stollen and hot chestnuts. Wooden carvings from the Erzgebirge, artistic glass baubles or handmade unique items from the region are on offer as Christmas decorations or sustainable Christmas gifts for loved ones.

Enchanting Christmas Markets


Largest Advent Calendar

Gengenbach is a town that will captivate you throughout the year. Once a Free Imperial City during the Middle Ages, Gengenbach is nestled  right in the heart of the enchanting Black Forest. The town's charm lies in its stunning half-timbered houses, but it is during the Christmas season that the true magic comes alive. This is when Gengenbach's town hall is transformed into the world's largest Advent calendar, unveiling a different image by an internationally renowned artist each day leading up to Christmas Eve. 

24 Dats Before Christmas


December for Foodies

Advent is a time for indulging. The sweet treats start in early December: iced cinnamon stars, spicy ginger biscuits and sweet powdered vanilla croissants are particularly popular. Another sweet treat is Christmas stollen. The Dresden Christmas stollen is baked according to a special recipe since the 15th century. The little gingerbread 'Lebkuchen', and especially the 'Nuremberg Lebkuchen', are enjoyed in many countries. Not forgetting Aachen's moist 'Printen' gingerbread and Lübeck's delicious, beautifully soft marzipan.

Cookies, Stollen Cake and Gingerbread


Christmas City Quedlinburg

One of the most beautiful in Germany, the Quedlinburg Christmas market in the Harz Mountains is renowned for its awe-inspiring beauty. Adorned with twinkling lights and serenaded by the harmonious sounds of timeless Christmas carols. This very special German Christmas market is set in front of a 700-year-old town hall and surrounded by many charming timber-framed houses. Another standout attraction is a lovingly constructed and remarkably tall Christmas Pyramid. 

Visit Quedlinburg


Made in the Ore Mountains

Each carefully hand-crafted Christmas pyramid, candle arch, incense burner, nutcracker or Christmas tree ornament in Germany is a real piece of art. At the heart of wooden toy carving and the creation of irresistible Christmas decorations are the Ore Mountains. The locals of this region practice Christmas traditions that have been faithfully preserved for generations. Besides its stunning low mountain ranges and natural beauty, the area is also famous for its former 900-year-old silver ore mining history. 

Christmas Market Treasure


Nov 28, 2023

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