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Sandos Hotels & Resorts
The enhanced portal is stated to be released in November 2023

Sandos Hotels & Resorts is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the all-new Sandos Agents Portal, set to revolutionize how their valued travel advisors interact with their brand and sell Sandos properties. This enhanced portal is stated to be released in November 2023, marking an exciting shift in the travel advisor experience.

As part of their commitment to providing travel advisors with the best tools and resources, they have overhauled the user interface, making it more user-friendly and intuitive. With this new interface, travel advisors will unlock various features designed to maximize their benefits while selling Sandos properties.


Some of the key enhancements the new site will include are:

  • Enhanced User Interface: A more user-friendly and intuitive interface for effortless navigation
  • New rewards currency: Say goodbye to Smart Points and hello to Sandos Coins, where 1 Sandos Coin equals 1 USD dollar, which can be used for bookings at an industry rate or redeemed for merchandise items at the resorts
  • Expanded Functionality: Sandos Agents will introduce five new functionalities that will streamline user experience and elevate travel advisors’ sales game:
    • The option to book commissionable hotel stays for their clients
    • Easier process to register their bookings
    • Live availability and booking tool for free stays and travel advisor rates
    • The use of coins to pay for any room type and additional roommates
    • The use of coins to pay for merchandise products at the resorts


For those travel advisors who have accrued Smart Points, they can rest assured that these will be smoothly transferred and converted into Sandos Coins. The introduction of the Sandos Agents Portal is a pivotal part of Sandos’ ongoing digital transformation phase.

In the meantime, agents who wish to use their current Smart Points before the transition are welcome to do so, and points can be used for new stay requests until the end of October for travel until December 19, 2024.

Introducing the Sandos Agents Portal is a pivotal part of their digital transformation phase. It also includes the recently revamped sandos.com website, the convenience of online check-in, and the Sandos App, now available at most of their hotels across the chain. Sandos is dedicated to providing a seamless and enhanced experience for our guests and valued travel advisors alike.

More information on the exact launch date, transition process, and online training will follow soon.

Sep 27, 2023

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